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A committed Mel Brooks fan, Cyanne fell into Acting-LITERALLY-at age 6 as a Faerie in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Forgetting to trade in her tennis shoes for ballet shoes opening night, she clomped onto the stage to a roar of laughter, spent the rest of the scene on Oberons’ shoulders and was instantly hooked!

Born in Hollywood, (yes, she's the one), this Comic Pixie just premiered her sold out one woman show, I DIED...I CAME BACK...WHATEVER at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Co-producing with her husband, Matthew Martin, it earned the Encore Producers Award and a three-performance extension!

Cyanne is a true chameleon - from Stand Up Comedian to Award Winning Shakespearean Actress.. You never know what she'll do next.

For a couple years, this AADA West Grad came to be known as "a Regular," performing stand-up all over Hollywood– ending her run by opening for Margaret Cho at the Hollywood Improv.

Often said to be a young Meryl Streep, her film roles range from a Southern Hairdresser to a Polish Fortune Teller to a Heroin Addict to a Bacchanalian Warrior Goddess & more.

On stage, Cyanne won an award for her Ophelia in Hamlet, has also portrayed a neurotic Senator's Wife, Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Charles Manson's disciple Squeeky Fromme in Assassins, and others.

Now Cyanne is beYOND excited to start this next chapter of her life here with the amazing Theatre Unleashed Family!

When she is not performing, Cyanne can either be found playing her favorite game, Shots & Shakespeare, at Disneyland with her husband OR working with Two Wings to help victims of Sex Trafficking.

So... "Is that a 10 gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?" Woof!

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