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After years of denying the truth, it's time to come clean, Graydon loves being on stage.  It was tough enough to hide this fact before getting to know all the wonderful, talented people of TU, and now it is simply impossible.  

Not long after graduating from Penn State University with a bachelors in theatre, Graydon came to LA following a dream.  And in pursuit of that dream you may have seen him at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre as King Philip of France in The Lion in Winter, among other roles.  

Or perhaps you know Lux Theatre? Graydon has spentquite a few evenings entertaining folk with Lux's show de jure. And just a few years ago, When NOLA Productions put on All The Kings Men, he was there too.  

As a founding member of Macabre Radio Fantasy Theatre you may have been chilled by a tale or two delivered to audiences of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro and elsewhere.  

Which brings us to the welcoming embrace of Theatre Unleashed. First in 2014 and again in 2015, Graydon played amidst a sea of talent in Passages, TU's evening of short plays.  And Graydon's Hollywood Fringe debut, Inside the Mind of Me, was written, and directed by TU's own Wade Wilson.  

Of course there have been short films, and some features as well, that are just as rewarding in their own ways.  And there really is nothing quite like falling out of bed, going to your studio and knocking out some killer VO copy.  But let’s not get into the 7 years mostly consumed by Graydon’s legal career. The less said there, the better.

Even so, looking back on his time in LA, no matter how far away theatre to be it was always closer than it appeared.  And now, well it's not going anywhere any time soon.  Graydon wouldn’t have it any other way.


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