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Theatre Unleashed is serving up another of its legendary 24-Hour Theatre Events! The evening before the show, writers will be given a specific topic based on prompts from the immensely popular and wonderfully inappropriate game Cards Against Humanity. They are then given a single night to write a short play. It will immediately be handed over to a director and a few actors who have only that morning and afternoon to produce their piece. Theatre Unleashed will then showcase the end results that night. These 24-Hour Theatre Events are an L.A. must-see so come check out our latest edition: Bards Against Insanity!


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  • Writers
    • Eric Cire*
    • Gregory Crafts*^i
    • Sammi Lappin*
    • Lee Pollero*
    • Wade Wilson*
  • Directors
    • Courtney Bell*
    • Kurt Koehler*
    • Matthew Martin*
    • Graydon Schlichter*
    • Cameron Stark*
  • Ensemble
    • Elisabeth Fenning*
    • Margaret Fitzgibbon Glaccum*
    • Kiré Horton*
    • Liesl Jackson*
    • Sammi Lappin*
    • Carey Matthews*
    • Cyanne McClairian* 
    • Devin McCarthy*
    • J. Anthony McCarthy*
    • Lee Pollero*
    • Graydon Schlichter*
    • Theresa Stroll*

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Theatre Unleashed is proud to support Camp Del Corazon

Theatre Unleashed is proud to support Camp del Corazon during our 2015-2016 Season. Our goal is to raise enough money to fund one camper's attendance in 2016! Help us out by making a $5 contribution to Camp del Corazon at the box office and you can Name Your Ticket Price for the show! Reserve seats in advance by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..