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theatre unleashed's homecoming masquerade!

It’s that special time of year and we’re all abuzz. Who will ask her to dance? Will he finally have his first kiss? What couple’s most likely to cause a scene? Will so-and-so be there? Who’s your vote for king and queen? What should I wear?! Most important, who’s going to spike the punch? Yep, it’s HOMECOMING!!! Come join Theatre Unleashed as we take you back to high school with a masquerade themed homecoming, featuring music, dancing, refreshments and all sorts of contests, including a sing-off, dance-off, best costume and Homecoming Court. TU will also have baked goods and a silent auction with some outstanding items! And who knows what other shenanigans we can all get into together! Come join the fun!

Oh, and by the way, the answer is Jim Martyka. He will spike the punch.