The Devil's Bride - Theatre Unleashed

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The Belfry Stage
Run Time
2 Hours 30 Minutes
Performance Dates
April 14th-May 21st
Days & Time
Thu-Sat, Mon @ 8pm

theatre unleashed presents The Devil's Bride by Joan Silsby

This producer is a member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles

The Devil's Bride is a romantic comedy-mystery that takes place a week after the events in Shakespeare’s classic Much Ado About Nothing, with the villainous Don John the Bastard still languishing in Messina's jail after attempting to thwart his rival's wedding. Don John is given a chance to redeem himself, if he consents to marry Signore Benedick's sister Allegra. However, Lady Allegra is under a Gypsy curse. She has already been engaged three times, and all three of her intended bridegrooms have died before reaching the altar. Will Don John be next?


* indicates a Member of the Theatre Unleashed Ensemble
^ indicates a Member of the Actors' Equity Association
i indicates a Member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles
  • Richard Abraham^ 
  • LeVanna Atkinson-Williams 
    Rehearsal Stage Manager
  • Lauren Billingsley Florence 
    Costume Design / u/s Verges
  • Michael Cortez 
    Don John the Bastard
  • Gregory Crafts*^i
    Producer / u/s Don John the Bastard
  • Jenn Scuderi Crafts*
  • Sean Fitzgerald* 
    Fight Choreography
  • Isabelle Gronlund 
  • Ann Hurd*
    Scenic Painting
  • Heather Lake 
    u/s Beatrice
  • Sammi Lappin*
    Lady Allegra
  • Mark Lopez
    u/s Borachio, u/s Don Pedro
  • Aaron Lyons
    Set Design
  • Matthew Martin*
    Don Pedro
  • Jim Martyka*
    Benedick / Publicity
  • Carey Matthews*
  • Cyanne McClairian* 
  • Gordon Martin Meacham*
    Count Claudio
  • Justin Moran*
    u/s Benedick, u/s Dogberry
  • Molly Moran*
  • Steve Peterson 
    Duke Leonato
  • Julia Plostnieks*
    u/s Marisol
  • Lee Pollero*
  • Alicia Reyes*
    Production Photographer
  • Erin Scott*
    Production Stage Manager
  • Caroline Sharp
    Hero / u/s Allegra
  • Joan Silsby 
  • Wendy Gough Soroka*^

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